Sunday, February 3, 2013

A gelli print and some bookmarks

I was wondering what bookmarks would look like made out of my gelli prints.  So I made some, and I think they look great!  There is a layer of dictionary paper under neath the print - and since the prints are made with deli paper, you can see bits and pieces of it.

I've only been using 2 steps in my gelli printing so far.  The first layer is textured color, and then I put on masks and stencils for the 2nd layer.  I've been trying to keep it simple, so I could use smaller portions of the print for the bookmarks.  I really love the new print - it has a layer of coppery metalic on it.  I'm anxious to cut it up!

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HollyM said...

I just did my first Gelli prints on deli paper today. I just found your post and wondered what you adhered your deli paper to for the bookmarks. Great idea!