Friday, May 25, 2012

Road Trip to Mount Dora

Today, Donna and I took a little road trip to Mount Dora, FL.  This is the building in the extremely cute downtown that houses the little shop that will carry some of my artwork and other crafty stuff!  It was an old hotel, that had been gutted.

Inside the front door, this is what you see - it's a breezeway with several little funky shops inside!  The breezeway leads to the parking lot out back.

Hart & Soul is the new little shop!  It will open the first of June.  The owner is Brigett Hart, who is just the sweetest thing!  She will have something like 50-some vendors bringing in all their handmade things.  I got to meet a few of them today.  Lots of us are already selling our wares on Etsy.

She wanted to show me what my things would look like in the window!  Her shop is the first one you see when you come in from the parking lot.  Can't wait to see it all finished and full of merchandise.  I think it's going to be something!

Not only does Mount Dora have some of the cutest shops, it also has a wide array of fun restaurants.  Here's Donna getting ready to eat a fabulous lunch at "Goblin Market"!  I can't describe how enchanting this restaurant is.  What fun we had today - looking forward to taking my granddaughter there in July!


Barbra Joan said...

Oh, what a fun day! Wish I'd been with you and Donna.. I love Mt. Dora and hope to get back there .. It's been a while and it looks better than ever...
I hope you do well ,, your creations are so artsy... Good luck with it and hi to Donna.. Is that a fried green tomato?
hugs, BJ

Dora birthday supplies said...

A great place to go!

Sandy Sandy Art said...

My parents live in the Villages and my sis is a hair stylist in Groveland. We all love Mt. Dora.