Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Beginning

I thought this was going to be a low energy month - I had nothing on the calendar to speak of.  Then, I received an email from a fellow Etsian, who told me she is opening a new "art and craft gallery" in Mount Dora, and she would like to sell my stuff!  Oh Boy!  Mount Dora is a delightful little town south of Orlando, with the cutest downtown - lots of quaint little shops and restaurants.  A real tourist draw.  They have a huge art festival in February, and one of the country's largest antique fairs in the Fall.

So, here I am, in the laziest month for me, working my tail off!  Making coasters, bowls, bookmarks, cards, and  trying to make some new art for the new venture!  I'm taking my things down there around the 25th - so my days are pretty much tied up till then.  But, I'm a salesperson by nature, so if I can sell something, then I will work hard to make that happen.  Can't wait to see the shop!


Barbra Joan said...

Nancy, all the best of luck with this new adventure. Mount Dora is one of the neatest places around here.. I love that place and your creations will do well there... BJ

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks for your encouraging words, BJ!

Joyfulartist said...

That's terrific! I haven't been to Mt Dora for a long time but it sounds like a good week end adventure. Best of luck!