Sunday, April 15, 2012

Call Me Crazy ...

I'm giving another "Creative Collage Workshop" on Tuesday.  Since I'll be going over to set up on Monday, I decided to get everything ready today. 

I provide EVERYTHING for my students - and I want them to have the best experience, so I just bring it ALL!  All my paints, stamps, stencils, brushes and papers are for them to play with!  It might be easier to just take some of it, but I never can figure out what to leave behind.  And, since I will be doing demos, I never know what I'll need.

So, for my next trick, I'm going to figure out a class that I can teach that doesn't use so much stuff!!

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Joyfulartist said...

That's exactly what I do when I go to a workshop. I take everything because I don't know what I might need and I want to have everything. I went to a workshop once where some participants brought their wheeled plastic storage drawers and tucked them under the table. I should be so organized! Have fun!