Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Star

9" x 12" Watercolor

Well, I missed Day 3 of daily painting - but I did draw this out yesterday. Just didn't get around to painting until today. I drove over to Pam and Dana's house yesterday, cause I had seen that they had lots of Sunflowers in bloom the other day. They weren't home, so I took some pictures anyway! Most of the large sunflowers had wilted, but this little one was still blooming strong! Fences are not my friends, but I hope it reads like a fence -just a little off kilter!
I found this cool new blog: Inspiration All Around Us - it's another challenge-type blog that posts a photo every week, and asks artists to use it for inspiration! So, I just might try this week's challenge! It's Hydrangeas! YIKES!


Sunny said...

Very pretty.I like your perspective here, your fence is great

Autumn Leaves said...

Everything about this piece is amazing! What really draws my eyes is the dirt, though. You've got it quite realistic looking. So well done and I don't see anything off with the fence. I've seen a few sunflowers blooming alongside I80 in the past few days and they look so lush!!

Barbra Joan said...

Hi Nanc, just came by to see your blog and wow, surprise, glad to see you really into it. Love this sunflower piece the composition and everything about it ..