Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bye Bye Boys

The grandsons went home yesterday. Another long trip to the airport and back! When we moved here, I really thought it wouldn't be so bad to be 2 hours away from the airport, but on days like this (when I'm so tired, I could cry) it is a very loooooooooong way!

Fun time at the airport - people from Busch Gardens were there with lots of interesting things, like this 1 year old kangaroo! They let us pet him -- he felt like a chinchilla! So soft - not what I expected!

Finally, the blue airplane took the boys away. We had such a good time - but I spent the day today just sitting! Hopefully, tomorrow, I will get back into painting!


Autumn Leaves said...

Nancy, the joey is adorable! I know it is bittersweet when the grandkids leave, isn't it? But they sure can wear us out too! Hoping you wake fully recuperated and refreshed this a.m.!

Barbra Joan said...

You must be exhausted, it would take me a week to get back to doing stuff.