Monday, July 19, 2010

Darla Goldberg

Last Wednesday, I joined The Ocala Art Group. Their meetings involve demos of all the different art mediums. But, Wednesday the demonstrator was Darla Goldberg - a friend of mine from Citrus Watercolor Club. I wish I had also taken some photos of the paintings that she had there - she is a tremendous artist! Darla had a career as an oculist - designing and making prosthetic eyes. So her demonstration on making eyes realistic and glowing in your paintings was a real treat! Of course, I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to do portraits!

Here, she was showing us that light passes through the eye, so there is always light in the side of the iris

Here, she was showing the different sizes of the pupils, and the way that light strikes should appear.

She also passed around paintings of different animal eyes - and discussed what makes them different from human eyes. All in all, a very interesting demo!


Barbra Joan said...

Wow, just my cup of tea! You know my obsession with eyes! And I always draw or paint the eyes first, then I know if its going to go right or wrong. Thanks for your comment on my drawing...I probably should put all my time and effort (what I have left) into drawing.

Autumn Leaves said...

That sounds like an awesome presentation! I have to see if there are any art clubs/guilds near me!!