Monday, January 18, 2010

Poppy Field

9" x 12" Watercolor

It seems like I'm painting more flowers lately. This is from a photo from Wet Canvas - what a wonderful site for getting inspirational photos!

I still haven't found another scene to paint for The Virtual Paintout in Corsica, but I'm going to keep on looking!

If anyone is having trouble with their weight, I've found a terrific site to help out: SparkPeople!

Lots of motivation, tools out the wazoo, a great community for support and lots of information. Unfortunately, it's another internet "Black Hole" -- I've been spending way too much time messing with it. But, it has gotten me motivated to get back to some healthy living.

PS: Why is it that sometimes when I post, I actually get paragraph breaks, and then others, I don't?! ARRRRGH


Unknown said...

a wonderful watercolour

Viele Grüße Werner

Autumn Leaves said...

The poppies are so lovely!!

Barbra Joan said...

I love your poppies . You know they're my favorite flower. I can never get enough of them...