Saturday, January 9, 2010

Florida's Version of Snow

Ok, so everyone in Florida is posting pictures of our "snow" - here is mine! Taken in my front yard at about 9am this morning. I know, it's not much -- but we are FREEZING here! Right now (8 pm) it's 30 degrees. And, it's been this way for a week or so. Folks, we don't like the cold! That's why we moved here! (But I hear that it might get up to 70 a couple of days from now) :)


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I feel for you! At least here in Pennsylvania we are used to the cold, but I have to admit it has been pretty intense lately! Makes me yearn for warm weather and flowers growing in the garden!Keep warm!!!

Autumn Leaves said...

We were at 1 degree last night on my way home from work at 7 pm. But nonetheless, I am truly shocked to see snow in Florida! Having been there and lived there for a summer, this is hard to believe!! Glad you will have your warmth back soon!