Sunday, November 22, 2009

Road Trip

Ok, so if you also follow Barbra Joan's blog, you've already seen this photo! I'm a little slow this weekend. On Friday, my friend Donna and I drove to Dade City and met up with Barbra Joan. This photo was taken in front of "Artfully Yours", the little gallery where I have some artwork. Anyway, we had a decadent lunch and strolled the streets and poked around in antique shops. It was a wonderful day! I met Barbra Joan online through these blogs - and we've developed a nice friendship. Isn't the internet a blast!
I'm getting ready for an Art & Craft Fair on Dec. 5th, so I'm making cards like crazy, as well as sewing up some coiled fabric bowls and coasters, and some reusable market bags! You know, whenever I have some time to myself, I can really get into some trouble! So, because of all this, I haven't been painting. Keep checking back, though, I just might find some time for that, too!


Ruth said...

No fair, Nancy, not saying who is which in this photo. I have "talked" w/Barbra Joan, but don't know Donna. Is she a fellow artist, too?
I think you are on the right, right?
Neat that you have made such a great friendship.

Nancy Eaton said...

Sorry, Ruth! Yes, I'm on the right, Donna on the left, and Barbra Joan in the middle. Donna started painting about a year ago, and is a buddy of mine!

Barb Sailor said...

Yes - the internet friends we make on these blogs are a wonderful gift, along with all the great art and instruction. We are blessed - there is much to be thankful for with these new technologies, isn't there? It is so great that you could spend such quality time together with friends.