Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fine Art America

I'm now showing and selling prints of my artwork on Fine Art America. I'm hoping this link will take you to my page on their site!

My friend, Barbra Joan, told me about this site -- it's pretty neat! You pay a small fee annually, and a small commission each time something sells. They print the painting and send it - you get the money! I had a small problem, though. I had already dowsized the pixels in all of my photos, which meant that I could only sell cards with most of my photos (the pixels determine how big they can make the print) - and most of my good paintings are either on display, or given to friends and family! So, I managed to unframe some - enough to start a little gallery!

So, if anyone else is interested, just go to the site! All I need to do is sell a few prints over the course of a year, and I'll be home free!


Barbra Joan said...

no commission my lips, i mean my email LOL


Barbra Joan said...
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Mary Paquet said...

Hi, Nancy. What an interesting site. Let us know how it goes.

Hope all is well. Liking all your work!