Saturday, April 5, 2014

Almost Done!

I finally finshed cleaning and purging the studio (almost).  All the glass cupboards are now just waiting for the movers, as well as the closet and the rest of the room.  Now, I have to go through all the bottom shelves and cupboards and sort out all the stuff that's been in there for 12 years - stuff that had nowhere else to hide!

Actually, moving can be a great motivator to get rid of things that we no longer want or need.  Of course, there are so many emotional ties to objects - and some of those are valid.  I just want to feel lighter.  I remember when we moved into this house, I had so many empty rooms and shelves!  It didn't take long to fill it to the brim!

This is only one room!  I have so much more to do before I can put it on the market in May!

The "Welcome Home" banner is something I'm making for the church - it will be gone soon.

To the right is my art table and everything that I can't live without during this process!

And, to the left is my sewing station - cause I still have to make things for Mount Dora! (And, notice that I've cleverly hid the litter boxes?)

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