Friday, August 16, 2013

Collage Class at She Scrapbooks

Today was another Creative Collage Class!  This time it was at She Scrapbooks in The Villages, FL.
And, once again, the students were amazing!  I never get over how creative people are, once you give them the opportunity to show you!  I hope if you click on the photos, you can get a better look at their wonderful collages!

In this photo: Back left to right -  Denise, Ann, Barbara
Front left to right - Melanie, Suzanne, Cathie
Terrific job, ladies!


Rainbow Muse said...

I took this class and had such a great time while learning creative ways to make collages. Nancy thanks for coming to The Villages
Suzanne Gotesky

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks, Suzanne! I really enjoyed your creativity!