Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jumping For Joy!

Just signed up for a class by Donna Downey - "Paint Like An Artist".  I've tried to do this technique by myself, and not had very good luck - so I'm so excited that I will actually be in her presence to try again!

Usually, artists who travel around with their workshops don't land in my neck of the woods - but on June 14 & 15, she will be at "She Scrapbooks" in the Villages!  That's only a one hour drive from me, so I'll be there!  Found out there is already 18 others in the class - should be fun!

Doing my happy dance now!


Capt Elaine Magliacane said...

Just got home from a week long workshop with Birgit O'Connor... she was telling us about a workshop she'd just done at the Villages. Enjoy...your workshop... my head is spinning with new techniques that I need to practice... I learn so much being able to interact... get close and to be able to say... do that again please... or show me one more time.

Nancy Eaton said...

I have a DVD of Birgit O'Connor -- WOW! I'll bet that workshop was intense! She's amazing!

Buncobuddy said...

"She" is my favorite scrapbooking and crafts store. I've taken several classes there, most recently with Dyan Reavealey -- she's awesome. Ask Yvonne or Stephanie (the owners) if you can teach a collage class there -- I'll be the first to sign up!