Saturday, June 15, 2013

Donna Downey Class

 Yay!  Today was Donna Downey day at She Scrapbooks in the Villages, Fl.  Even though I had planned to get up early (5am), my dog, Barney, started barking at the thunder at around 3am!  So, I had to just get up, since the thunder would continue until I had to leave at 7:30.  Needless to say, my day wasn't the best - I felt like I had a hangover!  Oh well - I just had to suck it up and go!  If you ever get the chance, go to one of Donna's workshops!  She is so friendly - it feels like you've known her forever!  And, her whole family was with her - what a great bunch!

 So, this was how our paintings began.  Lots and lots of sprayed on stencils in all sorts of different, but compatible colors!  Looks like a hot mess, right?

 This photo shows the addition of lines, circles and all other sorts of things adding to said hot mess!

Then, we added the flower outlines, and started finger painting!  Hard to describe, but in the end, a really great painting emerges!

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