Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today's Face

I used a magazine photo as the muse -- of course, it doesn't look anything like it, but I'm still having fun with this course.  Added some neocolor and gelato to it, but the water kinda smudged the pencil, and the paper isn't really for wet medium, but I just wanted to see some color on her!

Next up:  Profiles and Half-Turned! 

1 comment:

Barbra Joan said...

Nanc, just keep doing it .. Faces are very difficult but the more you practice the closer you'll get to what it is you want..
That could be a stylized version or true realism or something in between. Every part of the face has it's problems.. eyes, nose, mouth,chin...most times it's the shading or coloring that can do so much to bring out the look ..
hugs, BJ
p.s. leaving in 3 weeks for my trip. and will have my netbook with me.. so I'll still be looking in ... ...