Sunday, July 29, 2012

Forward Motion

Today I'm feeling very introspective about my art journal.  When I began this journal, I was taking bits and pieces from Donna Downey and others online.  I'm now coming to the point where I'm beginning to see what is in ME!

I'm discovering that my favorite colors are Cobalt Turquoise, Green Gold, Cadmium Yellow, and Phthalo Turquoise - as well as White and Black - all in Golden Fluid Acrylics.  And, while I like a lot of textures, I do like to keep it simple, using only a few shapes.

I think I need to refine my use of color - I seem to start out one way, and end up getting all muddied up!  In my next journal page, I'm going to take photos of each step.  Maybe from that, I can learn where it is that I lose my way.

But, the main thing that I absolutely love about Donna Downey, is her use of the phrase "Forward Motion"!  She has posted tons of videos of her "Inspiration Wednesdays" - and in a lot of them, she isn't inspired, and has no idea what she will do.  But, she uses the "Forward Motion" phrase a lot, and it really makes sense - just keep on going forward, and something will work out.  I'm counting on it!

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