Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gotta Get Creative!

Since I'm one of the "Creative Ones" at my church, I'm asked from time to time to do something creative!

When I had my Quilt Shop, I was asked to make 12 banners to hang in the Sanctuary. These were fun to make - very labor intensive - and after about 6, I was worn out. But, I carried on, and am very proud of my accomplishment!

I also offered watercolor painting lessons in the church, and did quite well with those last year. Now, I've been asked to do a very challenging creative thing - decorate (paint, collage, etc.) this wooden "Treasure Box" to hold the cash donations for our Capital Fund Campaign. I've been given carte blanche to do whatever I want to do! No direction, other than to make it beautiful!

So, of course, my creative juices have halted - screaming, "Nooooooo - don't make me!" I've been toying with a couple of scenerios - mainly collage, but am so afraid to start!

My granddaugher will be going home next Tuesday, so that may be the perfect time to start on this project. (I don't think I can delay it forever!) Wish me luck!


Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun project to me!!! I am dying to learn how to make an art quilt, I wish we could trade lessons.
A few years back I collaged a breadbox, that was headed for the trash and gave it a new life. I post some pictures of it in my blog today.

Get crack a lacking on your project!
Have fun.

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks, Valerie! You've given me some hope that I CAN DO THIS!!!!

Barbra Joan said...

oh you the 'Queen of Techniques '... you'll come up with something .. you've got so many things going on in that bag of tricks.. It'll be sensational.. and we want to see it !

Autumn Leaves said...

I do wish you luck, Nancy! I made a couple of wooden box purses and for my own, I decoupaged (and so it was a collage) on Renaissance painted art images all around. I love how it came out. For another purse I made for someone who asked me to make her one (I didn't even know the lady), she wanted nature things so I chose various floral images. She also loved it. Just a couple of ideas thrown out for you. Have fun with it. I expect you will! (Oh yes, I also painted the wood with watercolor paints first and when the whole piece was finished, I sprayed it with a gloss finishing spray.)

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement! We'll see what happens soon!