Monday, May 23, 2011

My Joplin Connection

This is a photo of my son, Eric and his wife, Mary. Mary's entire family lives in Joplin, Missouri.

Her mother and father and brother live in a house close by her sister Kerry and husband Matt and their two children. Eric and Mary live in Lee's Summit, Mo, a suburb of Kansas City.

Yesterday, Kerry and Matt and their children were in their basement as the tornado destroyed their home above them. They managed to get out of their home safely, without injuries. Mary's parents were also spared any injuries - and I think their home was also spared. I don't have any details on Matt's parents, yet.

This morning, Eric and Mary were gathering up supplies and driving to Joplin. I haven't heard yet if they were able to get into Joplin.

This event has shaken me more that I would like to admit. I've lived most of my life in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri - spent many hours in basements when the sirens blew, and never experienced a tornado. I never knew anyone who was in this particular kind of Hell. I have led a very blessed life, never coming into contact with accidents, violence or major weather drama. Just a week without power during an ice storm and another one during some hurricane fly-by. Big deal!

I'm so grateful that none of my extended family was hurt during this event, but I know that they will still be struggling to rebuild their home and town. I feel so insigificant and useless. I'll be leaving Saturday for Kansas City for my annual grandkid fix - maybe then I can discover what I can do to help. The good news is that I'll be bringing my granddaughter, Haley, home with me for a couple of weeks.

See you on the flip-side! Please say a prayer for all those affected in Joplin.


Autumn Leaves said...

Your son and his wife are beautiful, Nancy. I am so sorry to hear of the family's ordeal, even extended. I'm sure there will be days of worry, fear, and frustration ahead. I do hope and pray that throughout they can look forward to starting anew and take comfort and joy from each other. I also hope Haley has a wonderful time with you.

Joyfulartist said...

Nancy, Our hearts ache for the devistation in MO. I understand your helpless feeling and I know the dread of waiting out a storm in the basement in MN and in a less secure place in FL. Prayers go up for all the storm devistated areas of our country.