Wednesday, December 22, 2010


When we moved to Florida almost 9 years ago, the house we bought has a very nice fireplace in it. The owners told us that they never used it, and had closed it up so birds and squirrels wouldn't get in it. That was fine with me, cause I couldn't imagine having a fire in Florida. So, I turned that room into a dining room.

Fast forward - and we had the coldest winter ever last year, and this year started out the same way, so I decided to rearrange and turn the dining room into a cozy den - and have the fireplace inspected and any repairs done. So, yesterday, the guy came out and did all that - and so, today, I made fire! Did I mention that it's balmy and warm today? Oh, who cares! I needed to make a fire!

So, after many tries, I finally got some wood to burn! And, it was beautiful for awhile. Meanwhile, we had all the doors and windows open! LOL It's ok - I just know that it will be cold again!


Barbra Joan said...

Cozy and warm and yes you'll be needing it soon.. Love the feeling.. it gives me.
Merry Christmas Nancy and hope to see you soon. BJ

Ruth said...

Since FL is the only state out of all 50 without snow, doesn't mean you won't need to take a little chill off once in a while and oh the beauty of it. Bet your den is cozy and comfortable. Any more pix of it?