Friday, November 26, 2010

Picasa Picnik

I use Google Picasa for my photo program - and I just got an update today. Went in to see what was new, and found a new toy -- Picnik!

This fun editing program allows me to:

Add a frame around my photo - it will make it look nicer when I upload it to my blog!

"Posterize" an inspiration photo - might make it easier for me to see the values!

And, I can also turn a photo into hexes - this might help me figure out how turn a subject into an abstract!
I'm excited to try all the fun things the program has to offer! And, it's free!


Barbra Joan said...

Hi Nancy,, yes I discovered that too.. Amazing isn't it? and everything you post onto your blog is put in there ... I love it ..
Happy Day after Thanksgiving !

Karen :) said...

Awesome! Will have to play with my update soon!