Friday, November 5, 2010

Pepper Fiesta

7" x 10" Watercolor
My watercolor class was dedicated to painting produce yesterday. I had everyone come in with at least 3 pieces of produce. We made little still lifes, and painted! Fun! I picked out these peppers just because they were so colorful! I must admit, though, that I gave them away at the end of class - I just don't eat them! One gal brought in broccoli, and another had some parsley - they both did an amazing job of painting them (and I think they're very hard things to paint).


Karen :) said...

These are beautiful! Well done!

Barbra Joan said...

Its one thing I've never tried but yours inspire me.. when I get back I might try it.. but hope to get some real inspiration here at the Art Show.

Autumn Leaves said...

Lovely watercolor though, Nancy! I like the landscape below too! Peppers? I only like the green ones and only when they're raw. I'd have given them away too!