Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Bouquet

12" x 16" Watercolor
So in my class today, we made bouquets out of all the pretty flowers that I brought in, and painted them. As the instructor, I was hoping that my painting would turn out better than this - but it did turn out to be a teaching moment. I showed them what I didn't like about it, and what I did. I think it helps sometimes to show them that I can have problems with a painting that I did, too! (What was I thinking about putting that little leaf "skirt" around the top of the vase?!) So, next week, they want to learn about painting trees. Oh Dear.........!


Karen :) said...

This has lovely moments! I "teach" watercolor at my local senior center having painted a little over a year and a half. I have learned a lot by teaching, but it keeps me on my toes!

Barbra Joan said...

yes, so thats what its all about.. you will learn as you teach.. thats the good thing about it ... but you know what? they always think yours is the best ... lol!

Sunny said...

what an great opp. for you. I like the values