Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunset Palms Redo

For class today, I decided to redo a painting that I did a couple of years ago. You can see the original here. When I went to look up this painting, I discovered that I painted it almost exactly 2 years ago. Anyway, I wanted to show my students a way to do sunsets.

Drum roll, please! I want to introduce you to my students -- they are all working so hard! They all practice during the week, and are doing very well. My favorite part of the class is when we do "Show & Tell" at the end. They truly encourage and praise each other - and it's so much fun to see the different styles emerge!

From the left: Susan, Jo & Mary


Jeanne & Donna


Ginny, Ilda, Sue & Teresa - and Linx in the back

And, 3 new students today - Loree (in front), Charmaine & Cheryl
Great job today, Ladies! Thanks!


Barbra Joan said...

Oh Nancy what a nice group of students.... I so miss teaching like that.... So rewarding. Your doing a great job!! I'm proud of you. BJ

Sunny said...

what a great class size!. I love the sunsets too, they hold such a beautiful goodbye

Autumn Leaves said...

What an awesome turnout you've had, Nancy! And a lovely silhouette piece with beautiful skies for a project. Perfection!

Ralph said...

Yep marvellous but where are all the males?