Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Beach

7" x 11" Watercolor
Today, my watercolor class was all about sky, water, and sand. Even though I'm not too great at making up scenes to paint, this one ended up ok. Have to be careful not to divide the paper into 3 stripes! Once again, my students did pretty well with this - it's quite different than what they had been doing. I'm truly enjoying this teaching gig -- it's making me step up to the plate, and acknowledge that I DO know a few things or two! Sometimes, I'm amazed at some of the stuff that just flows from my lips! You'd think I've been painting forever! LOL! Oh well, we really do have fun! Next week: Sunset!


Autumn Leaves said...

A most gorgeous beach, made up or not, Nancy! I love the deep colors of the sand grasses!

Sunny said...

what a great way to connect with other with a common goal. Teach them, and they'll want to learn more. Very nice work