Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jude Caborn

On Friday, one of our members, Jude Caborn, was our featured demonstrator. What a delight! Jude divides her year in Nova Scotia, Florida and Cuba. I hope you will visit her website to see the exciting things she is involved in. I've gotten to know Jude a little more this year, and can tell you, she is one funny and ambitious lady! She had us all in stitches during her demo.

In her demo, Jude talked about her color palettes and the interesting things she has found to use as palettes. She proceeded to paint this scene and finish it in a little over an hour. I think it's delightful!


Autumn Leaves said...

I think the scene is delightful too! Looks like a fun day and I just adore people who have a wonderful sense of humor!

Ralph said...

A fun day indeed. Nice light painting. Glad you had such a great day look forward to seeing the painitngs it will have inspired you to paint.