Sunday, October 18, 2009

Card Play

So here it is, the last weekend before I leave on Tuesday for KC -- I'm in the middle of cleaning, thinking about what to pack, and trying to finish a knitted shawl for my grandaughter -- and I decide that I MUST make some cards to take with me to give to all my friends! So, I called a friend on Friday, and we talked about how to go about making cards using photos of paintings (I've always just painted on the cards) - and I discover that my printer does a really nice job of printing photos!

So, then, I have to go to Hobby Lobby (which is about 30 miles away) and get colorful card stock for the little mats, and a fun tape thingy that the scrapbookers use, and some blank cards. Then, I stay up late working on printing and making cards. But, of course, I need better card stock and some more tape for the tape thingy, so it's back to Hobby Lobby! And, I need to go the "Bag Lady" from our Watercolor Club, to get the clear bags for the cards (and, of course, she lives another 30 miles away!)

The good news is, that I didn't have to spend a lot of money (if you don't count gas) to make a lot of cards! And, I'll be taking most of them down to the gallery in Dade City next month. I'll still be able to price them right - even if I actually had to make every one by hand! But, I'm lovin' them - and I'm anxious to see what my friends and family have to say about them.

I won't be posting till after I get back on the 27th. See you then!


Barbra Joan said...

Nancy, these are great and I think they'll do well in those shops in Dade C,

Joyfulartist said...

You know, with a card program such as Print Shop, you can print your photos of paintings right on the cards and then you don't need the little tape thingy. It's way fun, I do it all the time.