Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Janet's Kitty

9" x 12" Watercolor
Today in class, I didn't like what I was painting, so I took out this sweet photo of my friend, Janet's, cat. I feel bad that I don't remember his name, but I'm sure she'll let me know!
Bad news -- my neck is killing me! More pain now then before the surgery. I'm going back to the Dr. tomorrow morning to see just what is going on. I sure hope this is not the end -- I don't think I would like to feel this way forever!


Eugenia Wadsworth Martin said...

Hope you are better and the kitty picture is just darling.

Barbra Joan said...

You know what a big cat lover I am and this is the sweetest painting.. very well done.. sure hope you get better soon.. let me know. BJ

Christine said...

I swear, you can almost PET that cat. I'm amazed at what you can do with watercolors!

Nancy Eaton said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments!