Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Went back to my Tuesday class today. We always do "Critique" first thing. Most of the time I'm happy with my work, but today - I was just in a downer mood. I do fairly well on practice pieces that I copy from other artists' books. I do my own take on them, and usually they turn out ok. But where I fall apart is when I try to paint something from life, or from a photograph. It seems I just don't know what to do with it! I feel that I'm ok with color, and some technique -- but when it comes to composition, I just fail.

So, while I was whining, my instructor was saying some very complimentary things about my painting style. But because I'm so stuck, I couldn't even hear them. Also other students were complimenting my work - and it just didn't sink in. ARRRRGHH! Does it ever get better? Do we ever find ourselves liking our own work? How can I get out of this depression and start learning what it is that I need to know? Can you learn to become creative?



doing things or learning things one day at a time is one of the simplest form yet best way, to simplify ones daily lifestyle...it's even there you will see the true beauty of nature and meaning of life.kip it up!

Carol said...

I've been in the same place for the past week. I haven't painted in three weeks & just can't get going again. So, I've just been sitting down & playing with my paints and brushes. I'm taking two workshops this month so I better get back in the groove!!!