Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Puzzling!

All my life, I've loved 2 things - cats and jigsaw puzzles. Those of you who have cats understand that the two cannot be enjoyed together! In fact, I haven't been able to work on jigsaw puzzles, unless I have a room that can be closed off. This hasn't been my lifestyle since I can't remember when.
Imagine my surprise, then, when I decided to try to do a puzzle last week, and set up a table in my sunroom, worked my puzzle, and the cats actually left it alone! Not once did I have to clean up puzzle pieces off the floor. Not once did I have to scream, yell and cry! This is amazing to me since Miss Penny's favorite thing to do is get on tables and push things off onto the floor. The one above, took me a few days to complete -- and I left it unattended overnight and several other times and nothing was touched!
Glory Be! I now have another hobby to distract me from painting!

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Eugenia W Martin said...

Hello Nancy
I also can spend hours doing a puzzle but alas I also have way to many cats to work on one and haven't in several years. I do then now on the computer but its not nearly as much fun. There is always that one piece that eludes you.
I do hope the economy gets better as it has hurt the little fairs around here also. People are holding on to their extra cash. Like your book marks and think the planter are neat.