Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

First off, I took my paintings to the Homosassa Wildlife Park for the show -- there was a LOT of art in that show! And, there was a lot of traffic at the park! Unfortunately for me, I guess no one liked MY art -- I sold a total of 1 Bookmark! Oh well, there's another 2 shows to go this month. Speaking of............

I signed up for the Arts & Craft Show and Sale at The Art Center of Citrus County, to be held on March 7. In this show, we will have a table and be able to sell crafts, as well as art. So, I decided to make some fabric bowls and see how they will go.

Then on Sunday, two of our grandkids spent the day with us while their parents went to Daytona for the race.

David spent most of the day playing games on the computer.............(Yikes! What a mess!)

While Victoria learned how to make a fabric bowl. It was a fine weekend!


DreamON said...

Keep up the good work. What people buy at art shows is a study in the surreal - totally mystifying!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Mary!
It's not so much that I want to make money with my art -- I just want to get rid of some of it!