Sunday, March 2, 2008

To Kill a Mockingbird

"By the Shed"
6-1/2" x 10-1/2" Watercolor

Well, the Mockingbirds are mating! We have a lot of different birds in our yard, but this time of the year, you would think that we only have Mockingbirds! I never really see them, but boy-o-boy, do I HEAR them! From early morning till evening, the males just go crazy, showing off their vocabularies for the females! Loudly. The good thing about it though, is that it means that it's officially Spring!

I went back to the Art Show in the park today. Lots of good advice - wonderful ladies! One of them challenged me to paint something outdoors (which is something I really want to do) -- so I came home and set up outside the door and painted the painting above. Still didn't get the flowers right, but all in all, a fun exercise.

"Blue Clematis"
3" x 6" Watercolor
I also purchased a couple of notecards from 2 of the artists in the show, and decided to try my hand at that. I used a photo from the Wayside Gardens catalog -- and I think it turned out pretty good. That might be a fun thing to do once I get a little more practice in.

Turned out to be a fabulous weekend - Beautiful weather - lots of painting!

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