Sunday, February 24, 2008

Knitting, not painting

Well, this could become a painting someday! The Azaleas are out in full force! I think it's the one time of the year when there is riotious color all over this part of Florida! Just wish they had a sweet smell to go along with the beauty.

So, I've been doing some knitting, instead of painting. I am working on a Watercolor that I hope to finish in tomorrow's workshop, though. The socks pictured here are "1st socks" (the second socks are on needles now!) On the left is the first of a pair for my Dear Husband, Bill -- and the other is the first of a pair for my Sweet Stepdaughter, Cathy. Hopefully, both 2nd socks will be finished in time for next Winter!!

And, here is the progress on the "Waterfall Scarf" that I started a long time ago! Scarves are so fun to begin, and then take FOREVER to finish!
I'm finding that since I'm home all the time, I'm starting to get itchy to do all sorts of creative things. Who knows, maybe the sewing machine will get dusted off next!!

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epearthrider said...

Man Mom you are getting great!! These paintings almost look real. You could trash the camera and just paint!