Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another Rabbit Hole!

Well, I've fallen down yet another Rabbit Hole!  My friend, Rebecca, and I went to our first pottery lesson this morning!  These are the 2 pots that I made on the wheel (with a lot of help)!

The one on the left has a nice gash that I accidentally made - but we decided to keep it.  It really looks cool, and I think that the finished glaze will make it look even cooler!  Next week, these will be dry, and we'll start learning about firing and glazes.

I will admit that throwing pots - while being fun - is also very physical.  My hands and my arms are screaming at me!  But, I brought home some more clay and tools, and I'm going to try my hand at hand-building.  That might be a little less strenuous.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Looks like two amazing pieces, Nancy!