Sunday, December 29, 2013

Making Washi Tape

Last night, I was trolling on YouTube, watching some DIY Washi Tape Videos.  I came across this one, and was excited cause the tape ended up looking like Washi Tape - and, I had all the supplies on hand! (paper tape - get this in the first aid aisle -, plastic placemat, straws)  So, this morning, I made some, using Lindy's Stamp Gang spray paint for the backgrounds, then stamping and stenciling.  Then, rolled each strip up on a straw!  How easy is that!
Now, I'll make some more, but I think I'll use regular acrylic paint for the backgrounds, to get a little more color on them.  But, I love that the sprays really keep them transparent.  I'll play around.
Anyway, I think you should go look at the video - maybe you can come away with something more to do!  Have fun!

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