Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I have two 20" square canvases that I intended to make coordinating abstract paintings to go in my new upgraded bathroom later this month!  So, I put lots of modeling past texture on them, painting an underpainting, then covered that up mostly with creamy white/titan buff paint.  Then, I started using a makeup sponge to add some green paint on the texture, and look what happened!  It turned into a landscape!  NOT what I had in mind!  I'm still going to play with it and see what I can do - there's still a long way to go to finish.

But, I really shouldn't be surprised.  When I painted a lot of watercolor paintings, most of them were landscapes.  I seem to gravitate to them. But, the second canvas just doesn't have the same "feel" - so maybe it will actually be an abstract.

Here is a closeup of some of all that yummy texture!  Love it!

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Barbra Joan said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for visiting ...
Of course I had to come see what your doing and your ALWAYS doing something .
How I would love to take a class from you on your mixed media...
Surgery next week and then I'm going dancing. !!!
hugs, Barbra