Friday, December 9, 2011

A Childhood Memory

If you are around my age, you remember a time before microwaves.  And, you probably remember making popcorn on the stove!

I recently read an article in the newspaper about this activity.  The writer helped me to understand why I have never liked microwave popcorn.  So, off I go to the store to get some popcorn!  I remember well making popcorn on the stove (ours was gas then, so it was a little easier to manage the heat) - opening the lid to let some steam escape, and watching as some popcorn bursts out of the pan - melting butter in the pan (we used Parkay Margarine then, instead of butter) - putting on the salt.  Trust me, it DOES taste better!  I've popped popcorn twice since I read the article, and I remember the pan we used - I think it was only for popcorn - and I've thought of the kitchen I grew up in (that house burned down after my parents moved out) - and I think of my mother.  She passed away in 1993, but I think of her every day and miss her terribly!

After I eat popcorn, I always want something chocolate!  My sister reminded me that Mother made fabulous fudge, and we would usually have fudge with our popcorn!  What popcorn memories do you have?


Nancy Eaton said...

I sent this to my sister, and she responded, "What good memories!! As I remember.....we had fudge and popcorn every Friday night (before we had TV). We'd all go to the news stand.....Mom and Dad would each get a book and the kids got comic books. Then we'd go home, pop the popcorn, get out the fudge, and spend the evening reading and eating. It's sad to say, but when TV came into our house that was the end of our Friday night ritual....but it was fun while it lasted."

Yeah, those were the days before all these electronic gadgets had us addicted!

Anonymous said...



Nancy Eaton said...

Kinda makes you wonder what our grandkids will think of their childhood when they're our age! Will these still be the "Good Old Days"?

Anonymous said...

I too grew up making popcorn on the stove. Remember when JiffyPop came out and it was done on the stove and that foil thing expanded until it looked like those old metal fan things on building roofs? We used to beg my mom for that but nope. We always made it in a pan on the stove too. In fact, I made it on the stove for my own girls when they were growing up and they are only in their 20's now. You can still buy popcorn buttery oil, the kernels...which I still occasionally do. Admittedly, less messy in the microwave though. But I agree...not as good!

Nancy Eaton said...

From my friend, Gretchen, via email: "Such a sweet post! I'd forgotten about making popcorn on the stove but, of course,
that was the only way to do it when I was a kid. I also remember toasting
marshmallows on the stove (a gas stove, naturally - how I miss having one!) and I
vividly remember the best appliance we EVER had, an electric griddle. It had two
sets of plates, one for waffles and smooth plates for grilling hot dogs and sandwiches.
My favorite Saturday lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich, bread buttered on both
sides, which I ate with with cream of tomato soup, potato chips and a Coke. I'd sit
in our breakfast room and read the latest Little LuLu comic book while I savored this
feast; 60 years later, I can still taste it."

Joyfulartist said...

I still have one of those griddles with a plates that switch from smooth to waffle! Must have bought it at Sears 40 years ago! And the popcorn popper we had when I was a kid had a crank handle on the lid that you turned to stir the popcorn. You had to turn it really quickly and it was a big deal to get to turn the crank. The popcorn was delicious! Thanks for the memories!