Monday, February 21, 2011

And the Winners are ........

Update 2/22: I neglected to include my friend Laurie Kansky's artwork - she took home the President's Choice Award! Great job, Laurie! So sorry I missed it! (Also sorry this is so small! I took the photo off of her Facebook post, and it's just too small)

Here are the photos of the winners of the Homosassa Springs Show this weekend! Sorry for all the glare and flashes - it's hard to take pictures inside with so much light! It was a great show, and I personally sold a lot of cards and bookmarks - and a painting and a little print. Now, we gear up for Art in the Park in two weeks!

Best in Show - Cathie Dunlap

First Place - Heather Doherty

Second Place - Susan Strawbridge

Third Place - Glenda Ackley

Honorable Mention - Barbara Kerr

Honorable Mention - Bonnie Wallace


Sunny said...

What a wonderful event. Congrats to all the winners. I love Bonnie's

Autumn Leaves said...

Glad you had a few sales, Nancy! And add my congratulations to the winners as well!