Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Sue Connor Class

Another fun, informative and exhausting class today with Sue Connor! We were told to bring photos of 5 paintings that we love. After examining why these painting speak to us, we were asked to "copy" one of them, trying to capture the essence - and then to put our own "spin" on them. One of my favorites was painted by "chrisaqua47" on Flickr. So, then, here is my rendition of his painting:

Not as good as his, but I did learn a lot from the exercise! Next, we were asked to bring a painting of ours that needed help. Well, I have quite a few, but decided on the one below:

And, here it is again, after some tweaking! I love it more now!

My daughter and I are meeting in Tampa on Sunday, and driving to Anna Maria Island for 3 days of fun and relaxing! It's such a lovely place- kind of "old Florida", with no condos or tall buildings - just a lot of beach and pretty scenery that I hope to capture with some photos to paint later on! Hope the weather cooperates! Should be in the 60's and 70's by now -- we'll see!

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Autumn Leaves said...

Oh Nancy! That painting of the trees is gorgeous! I love how you've captured that stretch of eroded soil that falls away from the tree trunks in front. The trees in the background look wonderful with a bit more detailing to the leaves. Your first painting is lovely too; great colors!