Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I've decided to rent a space - maybe starting in September - during Dunnellon's First Saturday Market. (On the first Saturday of each month, people sell all kinds of things on the lawns of the shops in the Historic District) Kinda like a gigantic flea market!

Anyway -- I need to rid myself of a huge quilting fabric stash that I've accumulated during the last several years. So, I'm in the process of ironing, measuring and pricing fabrics. I'll also be selling a lot of quilting magazines and books. And, I thought, why not frame some art and sell that, too! Then, I thought, whenever I go to an art show, I always purchase hand painted, laminated bookmarks (an inexpensive way to remember artists that I admire) - so, I'm making some of them, too! Somehow, I've got to start earning some GAS MONEY!!

So, this is the start of my bookmarks (the two on top haven't been laminated yet - that's why they're so bendy) - I will be making lots more (I need to sell at least 15 - at $2 a pop - to pay for the laminating machine!)

I really think that I just needed to come up with a project to work on -- this retirement is becoming waaaaay to lazy!!

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